Public Budget Consultation Meeting - Watch the Live Webcast!


On October 9th, at the Administration and Finance Committee meeting, District of Mission Council made and approved the following recommendation:

"That a proposed tax increase of 1.49% in 2013, to cover the cost of the CUPE (Canadian Union of Public Employees) Union Contract increase, be approved in principle and presented for feedback at the upcoming community budget consultation meeting."

In addition, the budget consultation highlight document states that the proposed 1.49% tax increase is primarily the result of increased obligations under our (CUPE) collective agreement.

On November 5th, at the Public Budget Consultation meeting, CUPE Local 1267's President, Donna-Lee Lakes, made a presentation to Council and asked Council to explain their decision to attribute next year's proposed tax increase to CUPE's 2009 negotiated wage increase. Not surprisingly, Council declined their opportunity to respond.