Executive Board

Joan McPherson



After serving her 4th term as VP, Joan was elected in January 2016 as the new President of CUPE Local 1267. Joan got actively involved with the union because she believed the employees at the Parks, Recreation and Culture Department needed better representation during negotiations with the employer. Joan currently represents the membership on the Labour Management Committee and the Joint Health & Safety Committee. Joan is a Recreation Leader in Aquatics at the Mission Leisure Centre and she has worked for the District of Mission since 1982.

Harm Gill

Vice President


Harm's role with the union is to represent the membership during labour management meetings, joint occupational health and safety criteria and to assist any member of the union.

 After serving one term as a schedule A Shop Steward, Harm was elected as the Vice President in March of 2018. Harm has worked for the City since 1996 and has been working in Development Services as a Bylaw Officer for the past three years. 

Marci Rangers



Marci is serving as your Treasurer on the Executive Board; she has held the position since 2012.

Marci is responsible for all of the financial aspects of the local including preparing the local's annual budget, presenting the monthly financial reports at regular membership meetings and preparing all of the information required by the Trustees for the annual audits. Marci is also the chair of the local's Budget Committee.

Marci has worked at the District of Mission since 2007 and currently works in the Finance Department.

Rimmi Purewal

Chief Shop Steward


Rimmi is serving her first term as a Chief Shop Steward after previously providing seven years of her dedicated service as Shop Steward for CUPE 1267. Rimmi brings a wealth of expertise in privacy and information, underlining her commitment to upholding the highest standards in handling sensitive matters. In her current role, Rimmi will chair the grievance committee and collaborate closely with the Executive Board and team of Shop Stewards to address questions, concerns, and grievances. Her excellent written and oral communication skills will greatly assist in ensuring the needs of our valued membership are met. Rimmi joined the City of Mission since 2014 and has served in various roles within Police Services. Since 2020, she has served as the Crime Prevention Coordinator. 

Krista De Sousa

Recording Secretary


Krista is serving her fourth term as Recording Secretary after being elected at the Regular Membership meeting in November 2015.

Krista is responsible for our Local's administrative duties including preparing agendas, notices, bylaws, and various types of communications, as well as taking minutes at the Membership meetings.

Krista has worked for the City of Mission since 2009 and is currently the Economic Development Assistant. Additionally, she has worked in various roles within both the Corporate Administration and Parks, Recreation and Culture departments.

Annie Dunville

Communications Officer


Annie is serving her 2nd term as the Communications officer after being elected at our regular membership meeting in November 2020. 

Annie is responsible for promoting and organizing CUPE Local 1267 sponsored events, managing the CUPE Local 1267 website and occasionally sitting as well as running union related committees. 

Annie started her career at the District of Mission in 2017 and is currently working in Communications and Public Engagement.

Jennifer Tass

Education Officer


Jennifer was re-elected in November 2022 and she is serving her 5th term in this position.

Jennifer is responsible for promoting CUPE education and training programs and registering members for various workshops. She is also responsible for the local's annual bursary and will participate on the Bursary Selection Committee. Jennifer represents CUPE Local 1267 at the Fraser Valley District Council. She is also the president of Fraser valley district council

Jennifer has worked in several departments and is currently working at the Mission Leisure Centre as the booking clerk 

Martina Rohde

Membership Officer


Martina is serving her 1st term as the Membership Officer (previously called Sergeant at Arms) after she was elected during the regular membership meeting in November 2020.

Martina's responsibilities will include keeping the record of membership attendance at meetings, ensuring the meeting room is set-up and organized and looking after the "Good of the Union" duties including reporting on members' illnesses, births/deaths, engagements, marriages, retirements and any announcements.

Martina works in the Planning Department and she has worked at the District of Mission since 2006.

If you know of any news to report, please email Martina!

Shop Stewards

Alissa Lanteigne
Schedule A: alissa.neumann@gmail.com
Stephen Blaschuk
Schedule B: steveblaschuk@gmail.com

Paul Peters
Schedule B: paulhenrypeters@yahoo.ca
Brad Doherty
Schedule B: braddoherty7@gmail.com
Chad Klassen
Schedule B: chdklassen@yahoo.ca 

Andrew McClelland
Schedule B: andrewmcclelland84@gmail.com
Jason Roufosse
Schedule C: j.roufosse@icloud.com