Presidents Message

As I sat down to write this, I thought: What should my message say? Should I write about my personal experience so far as the President? Should it be a formal or informal message? How can I thank all of my Union Brothers and Sisters for the years of standing together, supporting each other and working towards the common value of "We Are Better Together"? How can I put all these thoughts and experiences into one small paragraph? And then it came to me, my message should be simple and speak to everyone. So thinking along those lines, it turned out that the message wasn't really that hard to figure out after all. The message I want to share with you is "I love the Union." Let me tell you why.... 

When you become active in your union you get to meet an amazing group of people that are just like you. People who share a strong belief that the union is important and that activism in the union is vital for a strong and healthy working environment. You open yourself to many different opportunities to get involved, active, educated and experience professional and personal growth & development. 

When you become involved in the union you are stepping forward and offering assistance to your fellow members. When a member needs your help you read, you research, you reach out to your contacts for advice and you ensure that you are providing the best representation possible for them. You bring your co-workers together in solidarity and you stand for the belief that "we are all important" and "we all matter." 

When you belong to a union you are a part of a collective. You are not alone. You belong to a circle where we fight our fights together, celebrate our successes together and support each other the entire way. The "Good of the Union" is what you strive for and you act according to "what benefits the most of us is the best for us."

This is what we do in a Union.

Whether it is helping organize a big event, learning about ways to help our members and make our workplace stronger, or celebrating an individual member's retirement after years of dedicated service it's all part of what we do, and why I love the union. 

Yours in solidarity, 

Joan McPherson, President