Shop Stewards Meeting


On January 23, 2024, our recently appointed shop stewards convened for their inaugural quarterly meeting, delving into topics that address the concerns and well-being of our members.

Throughout the year, these stewards will consistently gather to enhance their expertise and foster collaborative efforts.

Outlined in our bylaws, the responsibilities of a Shop Steward encompass the following:

  • Attend all regular and special membership meetings.
  • Participate in all Shop Stewards meetings.
  • Acquaint themselves with the Collective Agreement and adhere to federal and provincial workplace regulations.
  • Ensure the enforcement of Collective Agreement provisions, promptly reporting any perceived violations to the Chief Shop Steward and/or Executive Board.
  • Compile relevant information pertaining to grievances and initiate the grievance process as outlined in the Collective Agreement.
  • Actively promote member attendance at Union meetings.
  • Undertake duties as delegated by the Chief Shop Steward or Executive Board.

To view a roster of our Shop Stewards or to get in touch with them, please visit this link.