Union Education Update


Hello All

As many of you know there has not been much of an education update , but as we move forward with 2021 a lot of the Education courses have become virtual . Please note that you are more than welcome to look at the following offerings in BC and other provinces here :

BC Offerings : https://cupe.ca/mrm-union-education/events?province_id=1

All other Provinces here :https://cupe.ca/mrm-union-education/events

These courses must be done on your days off or RDO , the union will NOT be paying for your book off time from work .

( Most of these courses are only 3 or 4 hours long and do not warrant a full day off of work and there is no travel time or per diem )

If you contact myself and wish to register please include your contact phone # , the course you would like and your personal/home email ( not district related )

Please also note that if you are registered for a course ( example Ontario and the course starts at 10am it would be 7am PST ) the time difference is not accounted for on the website and is the time in that province not our province of B.C .

Any Other Questions please contact myself or Joan McPherson

Please Post at Public Works ( Niki ) & RCMP ( Andrea ) & Parks & Rec (Rachel K) For those without email .

In Solidarity

Jennifer Tass

CUPE 1267 - Education Officer